Five Albums for the Apocalypse



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What five records would you choose at the end of the world?

Big Samir of The Reminders Mile High Stash

Brought to you by Monkton Guitars and HB Woodsongs, this episode of Mile High Stash features emcee Big Samir of The Reminders, a Colorado hip-hop and world-roots group that balances music and activism.
  1. Big Samir of The Reminders
  2. Dressy Bessy
  3. Foxfeather
  4. Dave Watts of The Motet
  5. Adrienne Ash of Plasma Canvas

THE premise:

Zombies rise from the dead, and you escape to a secluded mountain cabin in Colorado with glacial water nearby, enough food to last for years…and nothing else but a crank-powered Victrola. What five records would you take? Mile High Stash asks our guests that vital question, and we get to know them along the way.

About your host:

Adam Perry is a Pittsburgh, PA native who has played the drums in numerous touring and recording bands such as Gasoline Lollipops, the Yawpers and The Love X Nowhere. Adam writes about music and cycling for various publications and owns way too many baseball bobbleheads.

Check out Adam’s writing at

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